A website by Adrian Broderick

My Career

I started in the Casino industry with Grosvenor Casinos back in 1992. I hated the job!. I moved to the then only competitor in the area, Stanley Casinos after only 6 months. Genting Casinos now own the company, and after working in pretty much every possible operational role in the business, I now work for the IT department as the operational Subject Matter Expert

Operational Technology

This is my speciality. Our company's IT team sits within the office of change. So change management is a daily challenge. I find the inefficiencies in our IT product and infrastructure which can be resolved by policy or people, and I find the inefficiencies in our policies and people that can be resolved by using IT Product and infrastructure. Essentially, I make IT work for our people. which ultimately removes resistance to change

Our People

Our People are brilliant! Hard Working, diligent, intelligent and caring. Yes you read that correctly, caring. We don't work for the smokey underground criminal infested den of inequity that is often portrayed in the media. We work in members' clubs where we typically know all of our customers by name, where we know when our customers are feeling happy or sad, and where we know that in some small way, we can actually make a difference. This is hospitality Rule 101, Make a difference. Our People do this daily. Our people are brilliant!