I want safer roads
 for my children to cross
I want less pollution
 for every one of us
I want cleaner air
 for my children to breathe
I want our roads 
 to be lovely and clean but
I want to get to work
 in my motor car
I don't want to have to drive around for an extra 30 minutes in clogged up main roads because all of the minor roads in the area have been blocked by a minority of people who are manipulating a poorly organised local government to take advantage of funds made available by central government for fighting a virus, or for active travel in my neighbourhood
I really tried to make the last line rhyme, but it did no good.
I love to ride a bike for leisure,  I love to ride a bike for pleasure
But not in rush hour
  that's too much of an endeavour.
    Oh and also - not in bad weather.
But did I mention
  That it was my intention.
To let you all know, 
   of an arrogant foe
That have bought houses in a relatively nice area and would like the traffic to be calmed at the expense of all the other people in the neighbourhood who can't afford to live in such a secluded space.
I really tried to make the last line rhyme, but it was a waste.
I'm a really rubbish poet as you can see, 
but I'm getting really irritated by Levenshulme Bee
Please speak loud
Please speak clear
Please make sure they don't destroy our
I really tried to make the last line rhyme but it was .....
Yep that's it I quit. Terrible.  Never going to be a professional poet.