BB Broderick

Wriggle wriggle squiggle squiggle press press press,
Keep the line bouncing, don't get stressed
Heartburn, gaviscon? No you're not allowed,
But take a paracetamol to help you cool down

Bloods are coming,  some time today
Just wait another minute, or hour, or day.
Count comes back, twice as high, 
We' should see a doctor in a minute, or,  when the day has passed us by?

We'll go home, and relax, and come back if something's wrong,
No you can't do that, its not a good idea,
There's little chance of illness
But we'll still fill you with fear.

Well guess what guys, I should really let you know,
It's really very simple, and may come as a blow,
It's not up to you – not up to me,
But up to Baby Broderick... .who's ready.....  wait and see!!!!!!