Changing the subject slightly

Mucky yellow blankets, bright pink sheets
Dirty blue pillowcase, a bed that creaks
Locks that won't open, doors that won't shut
lobsided cupboards and a grotty bathroom rug.
Mould in the kitchen, mud in the bath,
Graffiti on the wall and a swamp by the path.
Oh, goodness me it's Christmas, should I be having fun?
My first day a Butlins, the adventure's just begun!
Awoke at 1am.  Fifteen people here?  Music Started - 
Party Time! Good - I need a beer!
Everyone goes, it's now half pass five
I'm feeling really tired and not sure I'm alive.
I've got work today - will I survive?
I'm working in a burger bar, putting orders in a bag,
using tills and wiping spills, with my brand new rag.
I've got to wear a rainbow shirt, & lovely bright red trousers -
I even get a bow-tie, and a name badge - Wowsers!!!